Over the Easter holidays we organise workshops in various aspects of the art of movement. These usually last from two to five days. Participants are lodged in guest houses of the village of Burg, and meals are served in our restaurant where, as much as possible, the food is organic, seasonal and of local provenance.

The classes are held both indoors and outdoors so that residents, as well as receiving professional training and eating healthy food, can also enjoy the calm and beauty of the surroundings.
A working stay at EDN is a holistic experience which marries spiritual and physical wellbeing with learning.

Over the last number of years courses at EDN have been given by teachers such as: Celia Colacrai, Anna Rubirola, German Jauregui, Sebastián García-Ferro, Roser López Espinosa, Marie Montseny, Natalia Jiménez, Antonia Pons i Ulrich Unke, among others.