The Studio and workshop area is a bright, open space which occupies the entire upper floor of the Solana building.
It offers:

  • An open dance space with a 178 square metre smooth wooden floor.
  • Central heating.
  • Communal dressing rooms and showers.
  • Space and equipment for stretching and other exercises.
  • A lighting and sound system for professional productions.
  • Natural light, tranquillity and silenci. 


The Coma de Burg offers artists and visitors ideal conditions for immersing themselves fully in the experience of dancing in a natural environment. The welcoming, peaceful atmosphere that surrounds L’Espai favours concentration and inspiration. Our residencies and workshops include meals at La Solana restaurant and accommodation in the village itself.
The EDN is open to artists who are looking for a space in which to explore their creativity. The building has very good acoustics for all kinds of music, and can be used as a recording studio.
Residencies are offered from May until October. Applications can be made throughout the year.