1. The artist’s or company’s curriculum.
2. A description of the project or piece of work, including names of participants, their artistic backgrounds, and a synopsis.
3. An account of the project’s development and the stage it is at.

4.1. Motivation for a stay at EDN.
4.2. Technical and practical requirements for the residency.
4.3. Number of expected participants.
4.4. Preferred dates.


A fee of 50 euro per day covers the cost of the dance space for 6 to 8 hours of rehearsal. (This might change slightly depending on the number of residents and the length of the residency)
For stays of more than one week a booking fee must be lodged to the bank account of the Association.
All fees must be paid by the final day of the residency.

Applicants are asked to supply a sample of their work, which doesn’t necessarily have to be completed.
The EDN will arrange the accommodation and attend to any specific needs which residents might have.
The price of overnight accommodation is between 6 to 22 euro. The cost of breakfast, lunch and dinner is between 20 and 30 euro, with the alternative possibility of self-catering.
The Dance Space is available from May until October.

For reservations a deposit of 15% of the cost of the period of occupation is required, the remainder to be paid on completion of the residency.


  • The Dance Space and its installations must be used with care, and must be left in good condition.
  • Shoes should be left at the entrance to protect the very fine surface of the dance floor, and eating in the dance space is not allowed.
  • We ask that you be conscientious in the use of electricity.



Arts or health professionals are welcome to rent the space at a price of between 9 and 12 euro per hour, depending on the length of t­ime needed and the size of the group. There are special prices for residents of the municipality of Farrera and for not-for-profit organisations.

If a proposed activity is within the line of work of the EDN some accommodation can be made whereby it could be included in the EDN’s programme, with the understanding that the general terms and conditions will be adhered to.