The Gensana Association is located in the village of Burg, in the Pallars Sobirà region of the Pyrenees. Its aims are: to contribute, in holistic form, to the wellbeing and health of our members and service-users; to offer a space dedicated to the arts of movement, music, gastronomy and the environment, to promote local development, to strengthen the local economy, and to increase the artistic and cultural value of the neighbourhood.

The Gensana Association manages the Espai Dansa Natura, situated on the second floor of the Solana Building, and the restaurant on the first floor. We provide a place for reflection, where one can enjoy good company and be immersed in an innovative gastronomic and artistic experience. We aim to make the most of our natural environment not just as a source of inspiration but also a source of knowledge.

The Association is a voluntary organisation whose members ensure that the projects that we initiate become a reality.

Our principal projects are:

  • The MUDA FESTIVAL – music and dance at Burg, the 22th of June.
  • Espai Dansa Natura (EDN), with its workshops and residential spaces, operates from Easter until October.
  • The Monumental Trees Cycle– excursions and artistic projects concentrating on exceptional trees in the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees, in October.